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We take pride in helping people from all walks of life achieve the јustice and peace they deserve.

Dulic Law Office delivers precise, impeccable, and expedient legal services across diverse legal domains.

Our services extend to Serbia, Montenegro, and the broader region.
Proficiency in Serbian, English, and French enables us to cater to a diverse clientele.

Collaborating closely with law firms in Switzerland and globally, the Dulic Law Office stands as a beacon of legal expertise.

Our team

Expertise, dedication and perseverance are the virtues that adorn our team, which protects your interests.

Advokat Vojislav S. Dulić


Vojislav S. Dulić

Vojislav Dulić is an attorney at law born in Herceg Novi, specifically in the town of Bijela. He successfully completed his primary and secondary education in Geneva, thus acquiring an international education and perspective that further enriches his practice. Upon returning to Serbia, he further honed his knowledge and skills by practicing law in Belgrade, where he had the opportunity to work on various complex cases at a prestigious law firm. He further complemented his practice by working in Geneva, within various branches of law. He speaks English, French, and Italian. He is a member of the Belgrade Bar Association.

Ekonomista Danilo Dulić

Economist – Broker

Danilo S. Dulić

An expert associate in the field of maritime cargo transportation contracts (Voyage charter and Time charter). Born in Herceg Novi (Bijela), he obtained his elementary, secondary, and master’s academic education in Geneva.

Currently employed as a broker in a prestigious global company acting as an intermediary between ship-owners and international conglomerates requiring maritime cargo transportation.

Iulian Piguleac


Iulian Piguleac

Iulian Piguleac is a jurist based in Geneva who completed his master’s degree in Law at the University of Geneva, an institution renowned for its academic excellence and commitment to the development of future legal elites.

He has experience in criminal law, construction law, and tax law. He speaks French, English, Russian, and Romanian.


Dulic Law Office delivers precise, impeccable, and expedient legal services across diverse legal domains, including the following:

Family law

Division of matrimonial property;
Exercise of parental rights;
Domestic violence

Contract law

Sale and Purchase Agreements;
Gift Deed;
Lease Agreements;
Joint construction Agreements;
Employment contracts

Immigration law

Visas for the Republic of Serbia;
Registration of residence of foreigners;
Application for temporary residence;
Work permits for foreigners;
Applying for citizenship

Inheritance law

Probate proceedings;
Drafting of inheritance contracts

Compensation for damages

Compensation for material and non-material damage;
Compensation for traffic accidents;
Lost profit

Minor offenses law

Traffic violations;
Minor offence proceedings