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Law office Dulic has extensive experience in the field of maritime law, registration, purchase, sale and rental of vessels, investigation of maritime accidents and protection of seafarers at work.

Dulic Law office delivers precise, impeccable, and expedient legal services in the field of maritime law.

Our team has extensive experience in registration, chartering, buying and selling of vessels, protection of seafarers at work, investigation of maritime accidents and other cases related to maritime law.

The office provides services globally in Serbian, English and French language.


Dulic Law Office delivers precise, impeccable, and expedient legal services in the field of maritime law.

Law office for yachts registration

Yachts Registration

Our office represents your first destination towards impeccable yacht registration and organization of technical inspections.

With a professional team of maritime law specialists, we offer comprehensive yacht registration services with precision and attention to detail.

Whether it’s the initial registration, ownership transfer, or status change, we provide legal advice tailored to your needs.

Our commitment to efficiency and professionalism ensures that your yacht sails in the waters of legality without any hindrance.

With experience in international regulations, we can support you in various legal issues related to maritime operations. Our office provides yacht registration services under flags of various countries, as per clients’ preferences, including flags such as Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Serbia, and others.

The choice of yacht registration depends on various factors such as your nationality, intended use, and tax considerations. Common jurisdictions include Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Malta and others.

Yes, many jurisdictions allow yacht registration in the name of a legal entity, such as a corporation or an LLC. This option is often chosen for privacy, liability protection, and ease of transferability. Both modes may be utilized depending on the type of registration.

Engaging the services of a yacht registration lawyer affords you professional and specialized assistance rooted in comprehensive expertise within the intricate legal landscape of maritime law.

Drawing upon a wealth of experience in navigating the complexities inherent to the registration process, such legal professionals possess the capability to adeptly address and resolve legal challenges that may arise. Beyond the initial registration, a lawyer offers ongoing legal support and counsel pertaining to all matters associated with sailing and the utilization of your yacht. A lawyer will assist you in gathering and preparing the necessary documentation, including proof of ownership, bill of sale and other relevant materials, to make the registration process simple and efficient.

A lawyer will also advise you on regular obligations such as registration renewals, safety inspections and compliance with tax or legal obligations to keep the yacht in compliance with the laws of your chosen jurisdiction.

One of the most important services that a lawyer can provide you in the registration process and during the validity of the registration, is the lawyer’s direct communication with the administration of the registration flag.

With regard to any doubts or possible problems during the sailing and maintenance of the yacht, the owner has the opportunity to solve all open issues directly through his lawyer, without the need to contact the administration of the flag registration, which simplifies and facilitates the use of the yacht and safe sailing.

Yes, many countries allow non-citizens to register yachts. The choice of jurisdiction often depends on the regulations and requirements of the selected country.

The documentation may vary depending on the chosen jurisdiction but typically includes proof of ownership, a bill of sale, and compliance with safety standards. We can guide you through the necessary paperwork.

Yes, in many cases, it is possible to transfer the registration of your yacht to a different jurisdiction.

Yes, maintaining compliance with the regulations of the chosen jurisdiction is critical. This may include regular radio license renewals, safety inspections and compliance with tax or legal obligations. We can provide you with assistance regarding all the above obligations, and regularly inform you about your legal and technical duties according to the registration flag and in communication with the administration on your behalf.

The time it takes to register a yacht varies based on the chosen jurisdiction and the completeness of the documentation. The process can take from 5 five days up to a couple of weeks.

Yes, with most recognized and reputable registration flags, a safety inspection is required. For non-commercial yachts up to 24 meters, we can provide you with the above service in cooperation with our external experts, and for yachts over 24 meters, we provide the services of finding an adequate surveyor with experience who will perform the necessary survey. We will take care of communication with the surveyor and solve all questions related to the inspection.

For personalized advice and assistance, please feel free to contact us. We are specialized in yacht registration so we can provide you tailored guidance based on your specific circumstances and preferences.

Law office for ship registration

Ship Registration

Ship registration is a crucial step in ensuring the legality and safety of maritime operations.

Our office provides comprehensive support in the process of ship registration, ensuring that all formalities are met in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. With a skilled team of lawyers specialized in maritime law, we guarantee professional service and swift document processing.

Regardless of the type, purpose, or flag of registration, you can rely on us for efficient and reliable registration tailored to your needs.

Contact us today to start the registration process for your vessel with confidence and reliability.

Lawyer for maritime labor law

Seafarers’ Protection at Work

Our office is dedicated to protecting the rights of seafarers at work, providing expert support in maritime law.

Whether you work on cargo ships, cruises, or yachts, with a carefully built team of experts, we stand by seafarers to ensure they have adequate legal protection throughout all stages of maritime activities.

Our services include legal advice regarding employment contracts, work-related injuries and deaths, unpaid wages, and other aspects related to maritime employment.

We offer quick and efficient legal solutions, with a specific focus on protecting seafarers’ rights in accordance with national and international legislation.

Your safety and rights are our priority, aiming to provide a peaceful and fair working environment for all seafarers.

We can define a seafarer as literally being someone who is employed to serve aboard any type of marine vessel. This usually refers to active seafaring workers, but can be used to describe a person with a long history of serving within the profession.

We offer a range of legal services focused on seafarers’ protection, including assistance with contracts, dispute resolution, personal injury or death claims, and ensuring compliance with maritime laws.

Our team is specialized in reviewing and negotiating employment contracts, ensuring fair terms and conditions, and safeguarding the rights and interests of seafarers throughout their employment.

In the unfortunate event of a personal injury or death, our legal team guides seafarers through the process of filing claims, obtaining compensation with precise legal steps that seafarers or his/her next to keen should undertake and navigating the complexities of maritime insurance to ensure fair and just outcomes.

We provide expert assistance in resolving disputes through negotiation, mediation, or litigation, aiming to protect the rights and well-being of seafarers while upholding legal standards within the maritime industry.

Absolutely. We are dedicated to advocating for seafarers’ rights, addressing issues such as working conditions, wages, and overall welfare. Our legal team is committed to ensuring fair treatment and compliance with international maritime regulations.

Seafarers can benefit from legal advice on contractual matters, staying informed about their rights, and promptly reporting any incidents.

We provide information services to our clients on a monthly basis about all important changes in the maritime world, especially taking into account the vessels they are on and their geographical location.

Our lawyers offer proactive guidance to empower seafarers in safeguarding their legal interests.

Yes, our legal services are accessible globally. Whether you are working on domestic or international waters, our team is well-equipped to provide comprehensive legal support tailored to the specific jurisdiction and legal requirements.

Seafarers can contact us through our website or directly by phone or email to schedule a consultation. We are here to provide timely and effective legal assistance for all matters related to seafarers’ protection.

Our law firm brings a wealth of experience, a dedicated focus on maritime law, and a commitment to advocating for the rights and protection of seafarers. We prioritize personalized legal solutions to address the unique challenges faced by those working at sea.

We provide legal services for each case individually or on a monthly basis, providing seafarers with legal advice whenever they need it.

Negotiation of Vessel Chartering Agreements

Voyage Charter and Time Charter

Our office is a key partner in the field of cargo vessel chartering (Voyage Charter and Time Charter), providing expert legal support throughout the entire process.

With a focus on maritime law, our team ensures precise and tailored cargo transport contracts. Regardless of the type of cargo or the type of vessel, our expertise in drafting and analyzing contracts ensures transparency and legal security for both parties.

Our law firm specializes in providing comprehensive legal assistance related to Time and Voyage Charter agreements. We offer guidance on drafting, negotiating, and resolving disputes arising from these charters.

Our experienced team can assist in crafting detailed and legally sound Time and Voyage Charter agreements, ensuring clarity, compliance with maritime laws, and protection of the interests of shipowners and charterers.

In the event of a dispute, our legal team is adept at dispute resolution through negotiation, mediation, or litigation. We work to protect the rights and interests of our clients while minimizing disruptions to their shipping operations.

Absolutely. Our team offers expert advice on the terms and conditions of charter parties, covering aspects such as freight rates, laytime, demurrage, and other critical elements to ensure a fair and mutually beneficial agreement.

In cases of breaches, our legal professionals provide strategic guidance on enforcing contract terms, pursuing claims for damages, or negotiating resolutions that align with the best interests of our clients.

Yes, our legal expertise extends to representing both shipowners and charterers. We provide tailored solutions based on the unique needs and objectives of each party involved in Time and Voyage Charter agreements.

Shipowners can benefit from our proactive legal advice on risk mitigation, contract negotiation, and compliance with industry standards. We work to anticipate and address potential issues before they escalate.

Our legal team offers guidance to charterers on navigating the legal aspects of charter agreements, ensuring compliance with maritime laws and regulations governing their specific industry.

Yes, our legal services are accessible globally. Whether the charter involves domestic or international waters, we have the expertise to provide legal support tailored to the specific jurisdiction and legal requirements.

Clients can reach out to us through our website or contact us directly via phone or email to schedule a consultation. We are committed to delivering timely and effective legal solutions for all aspects of Time and Voyage Charter agreements.

Legal protection in Yacht Transactions

Buying, Selling, and Leasing Yachts

Our office is your strategic partner in the world of yacht sales, purchases, and leases.

With an experienced team, we offer comprehensive legal support during all stages of yacht transactions.

Whether negotiating sales contracts, checking legal aspects, or drafting yacht lease agreements, our dedication to precision and efficiency ensures your complete legal security.

Maritime Accident Lawyers

Maritime Accident Investigation

Our team consists of experienced experts providing legal support in maritime accident investigations.

We are committed to analyzing each case to provide clients with accurate and expert services. With an understanding of maritime law and procedures, we offer effective legal strategies to protect our clients’ interests during the investigation process and potential legal proceedings.

Our team

Expertise, dedication and perseverance are the virtues that adorn our team, which protects your interests.

Advokat Vojislav S. Dulić


Vojislav S. Dulić

Vojislav Dulić je advokat rođen u Herceg Novom, u mestu Bijela. Svoje osnovno i srednje obrazovanje uspešno je završio u Ženevi, čime je stekao međunarodno obrazovanje i perspektivu koja dodatno obogaćuje njegovu praksu.

Nakon povratka u Srbiju, svoje znanje i veštine je usavršavao obavljajući praksu u Beogradu, gde je imao priliku da radi na različitim kompleksnim slučajevima, u prestižnoj advokatskoj kancelariji. Svoju praksu je dodatno upotpunio radom u Ženevi, u okviru različitih grana prava.

Govori engleski, francuski i italijanski jezik. Član je Advokatske komore Beograd.

Ekonomista Danilo Dulić

Economist – Broker

Danilo S. Dulić

An expert associate in the field of maritime cargo transportation contracts (Voyage charter and Time charter). Born in Herceg Novi (Bijela), he obtained his elementary, secondary, and master’s academic education in Geneva. Currently employed as a broker in a prestigious global company acting as an intermediary between ship-owners and international conglomerates requiring maritime cargo transportation.
Iulian Piguleac

Diplomirani pravnik

Iulian Piguleac

Iulian Piguleac je pravnik sa sedištem u Ženevi, koji je magistrirao pravo na Univerzitetu u Ženevi, instituciji poznatoj po svojoj akademskoj izvrsnosti i posvećenosti razvoju budućih pravnih elita.

Ima iskustvo u oblasti krivičnog, građanskog, građevinskog i poreskog prava. Govori francuski, engleski, ruski i rumunski.