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Yacht registration – Hiring a yacht lawyer

Advokat za registraciju jahti


Hiring a yacht lawyer brings numerous benefits that can save time, money and stress for boat owners.

First, the lawyer has expertise in maritime law and knows all the legal procedures, documentation and regulations required for the proper registration of a yacht.

This reduces the risk of mistakes that can lead to legal complications or additional costs.

Second, a lawyer can provide advice on the most favorable jurisdictions for registration, taking into account taxes, fees and legal obligations that vary from country to country.

Third, a lawyer can represent the owner in case of any legal disputes or disagreements during the registration process, ensuring the protection of his interests.

Fourth, the lawyer can negotiate directly with the flag administration on behalf of the owner, in case of any problem that may occur during navigation.

In this way, the owner of the yacht has the possibility of solving the problem more simply, communicating directly with the lawyer, without the need to enter into correspondence with the flag administration.

Finally, by hiring a lawyer, the yacht owner can be sure that all steps in the registration process will be carried out in accordance with the law, which allows for smooth enjoyment of the vessel without worrying about legal issues.

This text does not constitute legal advice but rather the opinion of the author.

Advokat Vojislav S. Dulić


Vojislav S. Dulić

Vojislav Dulić is an attorney at law born in Herceg Novi, specifically in the town of Bijela.

He successfully completed his primary and secondary education in Geneva, thus acquiring an international education and perspective that further enriches his practice. Upon returning to Serbia, he further honed his knowledge and skills by practicing law in Belgrade, where he had the opportunity to work on various complex cases at a prestigious law firm.

He further complemented his practice by working in Geneva, within various branches of law. He speaks English, French, and Italian.

He is a member of the Belgrade Bar Association.